Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions:
  2. Carnival Cinemas” shall mean Carnival SG Pte. Ltd.

    Types of Card:

    • a. “All Days MoviEcard” shall mean the privilege/ facility to a person for booking a single Cinema ticket for a Show.

    Card” shall mean All Days MoviEcard / Weekdays MoviEcard.

    Cardholder” shall mean the person purchasing the Card after providing his / her personal inforation and confirming all these terms and conditions through all channels of purchase i.e. Online, Box Office, App or any assigned 3rd Party.

    Website” means www.carnivalcinemas.sg and shall also include any other website/s partnered with Carnival Cinemas.

    “Show” shall mean screening of a particular Movie at a particular scheduled screening time.

    Validity Period” shall mean a period of 30 days from the date of activation of Card.

    Cinema Operator/s” shall mean Carnival Cinemas Singapore registered as Carnival SG Pte. Ltd. and other operators of Cinema Theatre/s associated with Carnival Cinemas for providing the facility to Cardholders.

    “Cinema Ticket” shall mean a ticket issued by the Cinema Operator/s for their respective Cinema Theatre/s.

  3. “Cinema Theatre/s” - The Card can be utilized to book Cinema Ticket/s for a Show at the select Cinema Theatres at Singapore as may be declared by Carnival Cinemas from time to time. Carnival Cinemas reserves the right to add or remove Cinema Theatre/s at any time without notice. Carnival Cinemas also reserves the right to amend/ change/ restrict the applicability of a type of Card at some Cinema Theatres. Cardholder shall have to refer the Website before booking Cinema Ticket/s from time to time.
  4. Cardholder will be entitled to book Cinema Tickets/s at the Cinema Theatre/s during the Validity Period without any payment towards Cinema Ticket, subject to availability of seats. Cardholder shall have to visit the Website for activation of Card.
  5. The Cardholder can book Cinema Tickets only for the Movies to be screened during the Validity Period at the Cinema Theatre/s. Cinema Ticket bookings will be allowed as per the policy of Cinema Operator/s.
  6. The Cardholder cannot book Cinema Ticket/s to watch the same Movie title for more than 3 times during the Validity Period.
  7. The Card entitles the Cardholder to enter the Cinema Theatre and purchase desired movie tickets which are subject to availability as no prior booking has been made. The Cardholder has to obtain a valid Cinema Ticket issued by Cinema Operators for their respective Cinema Theatres. It is mandatory for the Cardholder to show Cinema Ticket booking details on his/ her Mobile Number (registered with Carnival Cinemas), failing which Cinema Operator will not allow entry in the Cinema Theatre. The Cinema Ticket/s booked can only be utilized by the Cardholder booking such Cinema Ticket. Such Cinema Ticket cannot be transferred or given to any other person.
  8. Cinema Operators at their own discretion shall keep some seats reserved at their Cinema Theatres for the Cardholder/s. The Cardholder is entitled to book Cinema Tickets only for the reserved seats. The Cinema Ticket/s for such reserved seats can be booked by the Cardholder either online at the Website or at the Box Office of the respective Cinema Theatre/s subject to availability of seats. The details of the Cinema Ticket booked will be sent on Mobile Phone registered with Carnival Cinemas. Incase, if Cinema Tickets for a Show are already sold/ booked, then the Cardholder shall have to pay regular ticket price to watch that Show.
  9. This Card does not guarantee the availability of seats at the Cinema Theatres. In order to book Cinema Ticket for a Show, the Cardholder has to collect the Cinema Ticket atleast 3 hours before the start of the Show from the Box Office of Cinema Theatre or book the Cinema Tickets online atleast 1 hour before the start of the Show by any channel of booking be it Email or in call bookings. Incase, if the Cardholder fails to book/ collect the Cinema Ticket/s within the timeline as mentioned herein, then Cardholder shall have to buy Cinema Ticket at the regular ticket price for watching that Show. The facility of booking Cinema Ticket from Box Office may not be available for certain Cinema Theatres and for some Card types. Cardholder shall have to refer the Website from time to time before booking Cinema Tickets.
  10. If the Cinema Ticket/s is/ are booked online and the Cardholder fails to collect Cinema Ticket atleast 15 minutes prior to the start of the Show, then such booking shall stand cancelled.
  11. Cardholder can book another Cinema Ticket only when the Show for which Cinema Ticket was booked is over.
  12. The Card is not transferable or cannot be used to make a booking on behalf of the user
  13. Card once purchased cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded.
  14. No refund or rebate shall be given for non-utilization of Card.
  15. Cardholder represents that he/she is above 18 years of age. The Cardholder represents that he/she is of sufficient legal age to use this Card, and he/she possess the legal right and ability to create binding obligations for any liability he/she may incur as a result from the use of this Card.
  16. Tickets booked/ purchased for a particular Cinema Theatre are valid for that Cinema Theatre only.
  17. Right of admission is reserved by Cinema Operator for their respective Cinema Theatres and Carnival Cinemas bears no responsibility for the same.
  18. Card cannot be exchanged for Cash. The Cinema Ticket/s booked cannot be exchanged for Cash and are non-transferable.
  19. The Cardholder shall be responsible for the correctness of information provided and shall not be indemnified if the information is wrongly entered whether intentional or unintentional. The information provided by the Cardholder is subject to and will be handled according to the Carnival Cinemas Privacy Policy, available at the Website.
  20. The Cardholder understands that he/she is responsible for the utilization of Card by him/her.
  21. If the Cinema Operators suspend the operations of any Cinema Theatre /Auditorium and/or cancel any Show then the Card cannot be utilized / Cinema Tickets already issued shall not be valid/ applicable in respect of such Cinema Theatre/ Auditorium/ Show. In such a case, no refund shall be granted against Cinema Tickets already issued. Carnival Cinemas shall not be liable for any losses/ damages arising/ connected with such suspension.
  22. Cardholder agrees to receive advertising, marketing materials and other communications from Carnival Cinemas at their discretion.
  23. Any abuse of the Card, including failure to follow these terms & conditions, may result in cancellation/ suspension of the Card. In connection with the enforcement of any provision of these terms and conditions, Carnival Cinemas reserves the right to take appropriate legal action as it deems necessary and will be entitled to recover damages, legal fees and costs as allowed by law.
  24. The usage of Card and its benefits are at Cardholder’s sole risk. The benefits are provided only on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. Carnival Cinemas and all its Affiliates, Directors, Officers and Agents expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Carnival Cinemas and all its Affiliates, Directors, Officers and Agents shall not be liable for any direct, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to damages or losses resulting from (i) use or the inability to use the Card and/or any benefits thereof; (ii) transactions entered via use of the Card; (iii) unauthorized use of the Card and/or its benefits; or (iv) any other matter relating to the Card.
  25. By accepting the terms and conditions, the Cardholder accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. Cardholder should check for current Terms and Conditions at the Website as these can be updated and changed from time to time by Carnival Cinemas. Carnival Cinemas may change these terms and conditions, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. The Cardholder shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions as presented by the company.
  26. Carnival Cinemas is not responsible for any deficiency in services on the part of Cinema Operators.
  27. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of courts of Singapore only and would be governed by the laws of Singapore.